“We want our Weed!” The People Have spoken, The Reformation

“We want our Weed!” The People Have spoken, The Reformation

Apr 25
“We want our Weed!” The People Have spoken, The Reformation

The People have spoken and the word is, “Weed!” The Marajuana Reformation is in full swing, laws are changing, legalization is spreading and folks are  toking ! It’s simple people want their weed ! So let them have it. The masses are singing and toking from the Bell Towers. And why not? Is it bad? Is it bad because its illegal? That’s my Mom’s argument, always has been.


Sorry Mom, some laws are unjust. The State doesn’t decide what is right and what is wrong, they simply do not care.  Alcohol is legal?  Cigarettes? The 2 most dangerous poisons we put in our bodies. Why?  MONEY !!!  The State only cares about your money, not your health. Well, finally the public has had enough, we are toking, vaping, smoking weed and making the world a better place at the same time. Cigarettes have zero benefits, I dare you to try to name one good thing about cigarettes,,,exactly .. Zero. And alcohol is the true, now scientifically proven gate way drug. It causes black outs and people to do things they would never do and then forget. But it’s legal?

The Reformation is long over due! We want our weed, and we re finally getting it. There are more statistics coming out everyday and more States legalizing and voting every day to reform the injustices of prohibition !


I’ve been a life long toker myself. Mostly part time and not really much anymore as I get older, because of course weed is not addictive. I’ve never been out of weed and went crazy. Honestly I don’t  think about it until someone has some or the situation calls for it. I’ve also had many friends who drink and toke. All my weed loving friends, including those who toke all day long everyday, are very successful businessmen and women and my friends who drink alcohol are mostly bums and drunks that have already died or live in their parent’s basements.

So you tell me, are you ready for weed? We are !!!



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