Rihanna loves Weed!!

Rihanna loves Weed!!

Apr 18
Rihanna loves Weed!!

Celebrities loves Weed!!

She is not only one of the most famous pop singers in the World or just one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but  Rihanna has now admitted that she uses weed occasionally.

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She also likes to fashion herself in the latest clothes with the infamous marijuana leaf stamped all over it, clothing she has been seen wearing it in the clubs.

This hot and amazing Barbadian singer has been using marijuana since she was very young and she’ not shy about being  honest about it. She sees no harm in it and also claims that it calms her down after all of those hard and extensive tours around the globe.
Rihanna is loved by millions of fans all over the planet that enjoy her beautiful voice and songs.

Earlier this week she was spotted in a club using something that the gossipers called cocaine; but she cleared that up by admitting that it was actually a marijuana “dobbie.”

A bunch of fans have come to her defense while others see this honest act as something bad.

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