Apr 27

MaryJane: The Gateway To Inner Peace

Marijuana has become quite well known for many infamous reasons. As well throughout its history, it has also acquired many nicknames to go along with those stories. MaryJanebeing my personal favorite reference, can have a few different effects on the body upon use. Of course relaxation and to unwind are the major reasons why people smoke weed.” 

 Keep Calm, Talk to MaryJane   Peace Love and MaryJane BlowKissesMaryJane

However, a not so spoken about quality that this plant also possesses upon consumption, is its unique ability to open ones mind. Your views and perceptions are more diverse, accepting, and connected. Its is a Gateway Drug indeed, but instead to a different level of being. A place where you are far more in touch with Feelings, Surroundings, and Nature. You feel inspired to appreciate all that is, for exactly what it is. Whether simple or complex, it will always be beautiful.

                                                                MaryJane takes you there

The effect the THC has on your body and mind, yes, gets you Stonedbut what they forget to mention is that your Mind, Emotions, Thoughts, and Conscience will be far more apt to just BE and FEEL. “Stoned” is simply a place where Judgment Disappears and Acceptance and Love begins.  Sounds like a Magical Place? C’mon MaryJane,  let us go for a little trip.


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